The Synapsis World – (Center for Social Innovation and Sustainability), with its headquarters in Macedonia FYROM, focuses on working with children and youth, their families, professionals in the field of psychology, social workers, pedagogues, educators, etc., in order to improve the emotional state of children and, hence, the whole society.

This organization is based on clear values and objectives and aims to support professionals with training, materials, tests, and professional collaborations to help children, thus delivering its positive, long-awaited contribution to society.

The “Synapsis World” organization welcomes collaborations in the field of psychology, startups, social entrepreneurship, mainly in the field of educational & organizational psychology, rehabilitation, professional support for counseling centers, various nongovernmental organizations, etc., which are directly related to the needs of our community. We are ready to provide the highest level of professionalism in any country and at any time: at work, at school, at university or in any other sphere of life.

This organization is created precisely to create, through professional methods, “synapses” or healthy approaches between children, parents and other members of society.