MSc. Erduan Kllobuçishta is a psychologist and founder of the Synapsis World Organization, has completed his “Master” degree in psychology at the Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Tirana in the field of School and Organizational Psychology as well as in special education in the field of Gestalt psychotherapy. During his several-year of experience, MSc. Kllobuçishta has been dealing with forensic psychology, worked as a lecturer at Aleksandër Moisiu University for several years, and has held important roles and duties in the framework of national and international projects.

All this experience and academic background of all this has helped him to work with children and youth, but also individuals and different professionals, to be successful, productive and efficient within a very short time.

MSc. Erduan Kllobuçishta, which is characterized by a passion to bring positive and powerful changes in society, guided by the desire and high professional integrity to help children and youth in need and professionals dealing with these children and protect their rights. Erduan deeply believes that changing a society starts when the voice of children and youths is heard by educators, family members, and the broader social circle. This organization was created precisely as an institutional mechanism to realize this idea.